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Work Teams EU
provides you with qualified teams of craftsmen as Subcontractors available. 
Contact us today to find the teams best suited to your business.

Placement of teams of craftsmen as subcontractors

Our teams.

Sie suchen ein zuverlässiges und qualifiziertes Team? Denken Sie darüber nach für Ihr Projekt zusätzliche Kapazitäten zu buchen? Unsere gut ausgebildeten Mitarbeiter unserer Teams stehen Ihnen kurzfristig zur Verfügung.
Mit eigenem Fahrzeug und Werkzeug sind unsere Teams kurzfristig einsatzbereit.
Fordern Sie weitere Informationen über die dargestellten Teams an oder schreiben Sie uns Ihre Anforderungen.

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Electrician team 1

Cable pull

House electrics


up to 5 teams

Image by Arno Senoner


Team 2

  • 2 co-workers

  • trained electricians

  • one MA speaks German

  • Driver's license

  • Installation experience
    - Video surveillance systems
    - Electrical installation 
    - Networks / LAN
    - Burglar alarm systems
    - Fiber optic cables

  • Up to 3 teams



Electrician team 3

Control cabinet construction


Fire alarm systems

Alarm systems



Electrician team 4


glass fiber



up to 4 teams

Advantages of a subcontractor/subcontractor



Subcontractors usually offer better value for money than regular employees. The employer's contributions, social security contributions and taxes are eliminated because the subcontractor's employees are insured through this company. In this way, companies can easily save a lot of money.


Flexibility and more time for daily business

With a subcontractor, companies can carry out orders cost-effectively in times of high order volume. This creates a high level of flexibility for companies without permanently increasing personnel costs.

Since subcontractors are hired for defined tasks and orders, the company's employees can keep their focus on normal day-to-day business. Subcontractors create freedom in day-to-day business because the subcontractor takes care of the processing of orders. This increases the company's efficiency.


Special knowledge & Quality

Some of our subcontractors have advanced knowledge in specific areas. These include, among others:

  • Video surveillance systems

  • Control cabinet construction

  • Photovoltaics

  • Cable pull 

Due to the diverse locations and tasks, our subcontractors usually have broad and comprehensive knowledge. This means they can process pending orders quickly and efficiently.

Our subcontractors usually have a lot of experience and are very qualified. This is accompanied by a high standard of quality that will benefit your projects.

We look forward to your inquiry

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