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Installation of video surveillance

We have been successfully installing video surveillance systems on behalf of customers with our teams for many years.
From small systems with a few cameras to large systems with more than 100 cameras. This not only includes mounting the cameras on buildings, walls or poles, but also the associated cable pull, whether CAT7, RG59 (analog) or fiber optic. We lay the cables professionally on the roofs, on the walls or on cable trays in the building.
Our portfolio also includes the installation of sub-distributions, server cabinets with their components such as servers, UPS, routers, switches, patch panels and the laying of fiber optic routes, including the necessary splicing work.
And where necessary, we also install the appropriate lighting and the associated power distribution.

We carry out all installations throughout Germany. We have our own vehicles and tools.
We would be happy to appear under your logo/name during the installation and of course we would be happy to work for you over a longer period of time.

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