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In order to counteract your shortage of skilled workers, we founded WorkTeams a few years ago.

Initially, our staff was primarily deployed in the installation of video surveillance and intruder alarm systems.

In addition, over the years the area of electrical installations has also been included in our offering. 

WorkTeams offers you a comprehensive range of services, in-depth industry knowledge and skilled workers to support you in carrying out your orders.

  • Video installations

  • Burglar alarm systems

  • Electrical installations (cable laying, wiring) in industry and in house construction

  • Cable pull

  • Control cabinet construction

Our staff usually have completed specialist training and have their own tools.


In addition, we also offer various services.

- Support with planning

- Taking over the procurement of components

- Support with alarm processing via our alarm qualification service

Would you like to experience WorkTeams expertise for yourself? Call us and we will discuss together what we can do for you.

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